Monday, May 16, 2011

Student Day at the Renaissance Faire

The boys and I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Student Day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in April. It was nice to be able to enjoy the Ren Faire without the more mature behaviors that usually coincide.

One of the first things we saw upon entering the Faire was a glassblowing demonstration. It was quite fascinating to watch the glassblowing process and learn from the enthusiastic gentlemen speaking. It makes you appreciate the hardwork and detail of hand-blown glass.

Delicately shaping the glass

Heating the glass in the fire

Attaching the glass to a glass base

Finished product - Amazing!
We also enjoyed checking out the coin press. Cole wanted to buy something at practically every booth we saw, but eventually bought a pressed coin here. He even got to choose the two sides of his coin necklace - a fire-breathing dragon and lightning.

Dragon side

You can't check out a Ren Faire or anything medieval without checking out chain mail. This was no exception. And of course the boys had to try it on - which was very cute.

We spent the day with our friends the Stewarts, and were lucky enough to see more of our friends throughout the day. It is always nice to see your friends when you're on a fun field trip.

Hanging with the boys

Bode and Clara - too cute
Apparently, the Ren Faire also provides discipline options for out-of-control kids (not that my kids are ever out-of-control). These guys really look like they're suffering.

Cole - the Pig Thief

Bode - just Naughty

Ian - the Chicken Thief
The boys even got to try their hands at writing with real feather quills. It is nice to learn about and experience something new whenever you go somewhere.

We had a great time seeing and doing many other things at the Faire, and stayed until the end. And after soaking up the sun and dust all day, we treated ourselves to Slurpees for the drive home. Fun times!

Bode, Ian, and Cole - Good times!

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