Monday, May 16, 2011

Much Ado About Shakespeare classes

We enjoyed a wonderful night watching Ian and Cole in their Shakespeare plays this April. This is their second year participating in the Much Ado About Shakespeare program.

Last year, they were both in The Comedy of Errors for their acting debuts. This year they were in different classes: Cole's class doing Romeo & Juliet and Ian's class doing Macbeth. The classes started at the end of October and continued until their performances at the beginning of April. It was quite a treat watching them learn about these Shakespearean tragedies.

Ian and Cole in costume
Even Bode has been enjoying Shakespeare from afar. He'd like to be in it, but for my sanity I'll wait until he's at least 5, since I'll be the one helping him memorize his lines. (But he'll look so cute on the stage when he gets to do it!) He sat through 3-1/2 hours of Shakespeare plays and scenes with excellent behavior. He even had a smile on his face at 10 pm when the show was finally over (although looking forward to cookies at the afterparty certainly helped).

Bode supporting his brothers
I'll follow this post with individual posts on each of the boys' plays.

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