Monday, May 16, 2011

"Peep" Dioramas - Fun Art with Food

The boys created fun Peep dioramas with some friends before Easter. I didn't realize Peeps were so versatile. Each of the kids came up with their own ideas of what they wanted to create. Then they were hard at work creating their masterpieces.

Creating "Peep"Shows
Ian chose to create a baseball field scene of his favorite team, the Angels, versus Texas, which he'd watched on TV the day before. It was a "Peepball" creation. He came up with the entire idea on his own: the field, the players, the uniforms, and equipment. He even made a hat with an "A" on it and gloves. He did a great job. It was super cute!

Ian hard at work.

Peep wearing an Angels baseball hat.

Texas Peep with a baseball glove.

Ian with his finished Peep project. Great job!

Texas vs Angels, Peep-style.
Cole decided to create at Pirates of the Caribbean diorama - "Peeps of the Caribbean." He was very creative in making his boat and pirates. He even added an island with a treasure chest and an "X" that marks the spot. Cole had a lot of fun putting this together. And it turned out great!

Cole carefully creating his boat.

Every pirate ship needs a jolly roger.

Those are some swashbuckling peeps.

Cole did a great job with his peep pirates.

Peeps of the Caribbean
Bode decided to make a beach scene - Peeps at the Beach. He needed my help, but he had a great time gluing, cutting, and deciding where everything should go. He even drew bathing suits on his peeps. He was thoroughly entertained by this project. As Bode would say, it was "great!"

Bode cutting the paper he glued ahead of time (oops).

Gotta have seaweed at the beach.

Bode adding bathing suits to his peeps.

Bode loved making his beach peeps.

Peeps snuggling at the beach.
This was a great idea that I cannot take credit for. But I look forward to creating more Peep dioramas with the boys next year. And since I don't eat peeps, I think this is a great use for them *wink, smile*

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