Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soccer classes

My boys love to play on the playground in the park and run around outside. But I find it is also important for them to have structured outdoor time including sports. In order to refresh the boys' soccer skills, I signed them up for some affordable soccer classes at our local parks and recreation dept. Conveniently, they had classes running concurrently for the older and younger boys, so all my boys could play at the same time (and I could enjoy watching them all). Bode will be playing on his first soccer team in the fall, so this was a great introduction for him to play with other kids his age, and not just his brothers and family. Ian and Cole refreshed their skills playing with the big kids. Ian was at the older part of the age spectrum, but since his skill level is a bit lower, the grouping worked out well for him. Cole plays well for his age, but has difficulty maintaining his position, so he was able to practice that skill frequently. The boys all look forward to playing on their new teams in the fall.

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