Monday, May 16, 2011

National Nutrition Month in March

Being a dietitian, it is only fitting that I do something with the kids to honor National Nutrition Month. We attend a monthly holiday co-op with some other families where we do a variety of different activites that usually involve whatever holidays are going on in that particular month. In March, my station coincided with the National Nutrition Month theme of Eat Right with Color, and was titled "Colorful Taste Test."

The kids were able to try 10 different raw fruits and vegetables of different colors. They tried beet, black plum, cantaloupe, carrot, kiwi, strawberry, tomato, yali pear, yellow bell pepper, and zucchini.

Yum! Look at all the color.

They weren't only testing to see what they liked, but also for color, texture, and flavor. Plus, they learned the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and having a variety of color in their diet.

Some kids were more eager to try the fruits and vegetables than others. But it was a good experience for them to try new things, or to try things they haven't tried for a while. Ian, Cole, and Bode did great.

Bode finished off whatever fruit was left.

Taste tests are a great way to have kids try things they might not normally want to try. You never know...they just might find something new that they like.

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