Monday, May 16, 2011

Da Vinci Exhibit in Hollywood

We had a real treat in March checking out the Da Vinci Exhibit in Hollywood (

They are only here for the year. We lucked out with a group rate special they were having and got into the exhibit with our group at only $4 per person (and Bode was free). The exhibit was quite fascinating. They started us off with a short video about Leonardo's life. Then, the very patient, professional, and entertaining docent led us around the exhibit to highlight some of the reproductions of Da Vinci's inventions that they had on display.

Then, we were off to explore the exhibit on our own. The boys got to check everything out and Ian did a scavenger hunt of the simple machines used in Da Vinci's inventions.

The exhibit had more than 60 full-sized interactive replica machines, more than 20 reproductions of his works of art, and three galleries that included the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. They also had a great activity area for the kids to play games and build models, which the kids loved.

Ian and the Autolock Mechanism

Bode and Cole and the Flywheel

The boys standing on the bridge they made.

Do you see 11 pulleys?
We had a great time and finally left when we were starving for lunch. If you get a chance, the exhibit is definitely worth checking out.

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