Monday, May 16, 2011

Shakespeare Live performance

This was our third year attending the performance of Shakespeare Live at the Glendale Centre Theatre ( Even though the script is mostly the same each year, I enjoy it each time. I think there is always something new to see and learn. The performers also improvise sometimes, so you have to pay attention. This year there were several new cast members, so it gave us a different view of the parts. Plus, it is a theatre in-the-round, so each year we seem to be seated in a new area and get a completely different viewpoint. This year we were seated closer to where Romeo and Juliet had their balcony scene and where the witches from Macbeth were speaking.

Ian and Cole are in their second year of Shakespeare classes, and each year they are in different plays. This year Ian is in Macbeth and Cole is in Romeo and Juliet, so we were able to pay even closer attention to those particular scenes. Ian complained a bit that this was the same play three years in a row, but I think by the end he could appreciate seeing the performance from the perspective of studying the Macbeth parts. Ian and Cole both got to see their particular characters perform, so hopefully that will inspire them, as their performances are coming up soon.

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