Monday, May 16, 2011

Snow Skiing at Snow Summit

The boys and I enjoyed one last ski trip with my Dad for this ski season. We are very blessed that my Dad is able to take us skiing because of all the volunteering he does for Ski Patrol. Our usual spot, Bear Mountain, was closed so we ventured to Snow Summit. I've never been to Snow Summit, so it was nice to check out another hill.

Bode and Grampa, ready to ski
Cole and Ian, poised and ready

Ian and Cole had a great time trying new trails and working on their ski form. They have been improving each time we ski. Although this is our last ski trip until next winter, I hope they are able to pick back up where they left off next winter.

Ian hitting the slopes

Cole cruising the slopes

My Dad helped Bode work on skiing by himself, but only on the flatter slopes. He's not great at stopping yet. But when he wasn't skiing alone, he was strapped in his ski harness, which is such a great device and makes skiing with him so much easier.

Looking good, guys!
My Dad had him skiing by himself in the morning, but after lunch they closed the run Bode was working on. I took him in the afternoon and had to take him on runs with fewer "flat" spots, so the video I got of him wasn't as great as it would have been in the morning. Oh well. He still has a great time.

Go Bode!

The boys love to ski! We had a great time skiing and look forward to hitting the slopes again next season.

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