Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden Project - Week 1

I am the first to admit that I do not have a green thumb when it comes to gardening. The one and only time I had a vegetable garden was the spring/summer of 2006. I was very excited to have a garden and we produced some nice vegetables in the beginning. Then I became pregnant with our third son and once the morning/all-day sickness kicked in, my garden slowly faded by the wayside. Five years later, we are finally tired of looked at the area that used to be our garden and is now inhabited by weeds. We have a vision for what we'd like to do with that part of our yard, so now it's time to put in the time and muscle to get the job done.

Today was our first day prepping the area for what we envision will be a lovely little garden area. I am a bit embarassed to share the unsightliness of our garden space, but I know that the accountability will help me. Here's the before picture:

The huge weeds have taken over what were two raised beds my husband built.

This is the kids' digging area, which has not been weeded in a while.

That pile of dirt is from this hole Ian built, complete with stairs.
He has his own vision of what he'd like to build (I mean dig).
Ian, Cole, and I started weeding today, which was exciting. But we also see how much work we have ahead of us. I will update you on my Garden Project weekly with photos so you can see our progress.

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