Monday, June 27, 2011

Lego Club

I found out about this little gem of a class about 10 minutes before it started, but I'm very glad I did. CurrClick has many great online classes. The Lego Club is the first one we have tried. It was easy to sign up for and it's free, although they suggest you make a donation to support the leaders (just click here to get more details).

Once a month this Lego Club meets online and the teacher leads the attendees in a live class making various Lego creations. This month's theme was Crazy Contraptions. Ian only had enough time to gather the materials for one of the creations, since we signed up so late. But he had a great time making it - a Candy Dispenser. Plus, they record the classes for later viewing, so Ian will be able to go back and make the other creations.

Here's Ian watching the class and making his creation. He loves the final Candy Dispenser product and luckily we had some M&Ms so he could test it out. And we're happy to report - It works!

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  1. that is super cool! We did the FIRST Lego League last year and plan to do it again this year! I saw this club, but was hesitant to join...I'll have to check into it a bit more! Thanks :)