Friday, June 17, 2011

"B" for Blueberry

Bode's letter of the week was "B" and our book was Blueberries for Sal. The idea of "rowing" this book came from Five in a Row. I still don't have the official Before Five in Row book, but I'm enjoying lapbooking with Bode just the same. There are a lot of great online resources.

Day 1:

I read the book aloud, which Bode was really into. It's a very cute book. Our first activity was to talk about the Favorite Foods of a Black Bear (activity from Homeschool Share). Bode cut out the food pictures and pasted them. Then Bode matched "B" words and their pictures and colored a letter "B" coloring page (worksheets from Enchanted Learning). Bode also traced his name, which of course starts with a "B". Then we made blue pancakes for lunch (with chocolate chips, of course).

Day 2:
We read the book together, and this time Cole sat in with us. Bode cut out pictures of things that start with "B" then pasted them onto a Bb page (activity from Homeschool Creations ). These cutting activities are great practice for him. He also played Blueberry Match, by matching upper and lower case letters on blueberry cards (activity from Homeschool Share ). Bode also did the I Can Color B Words worksheet (from Enchanted Learning), where he had to follow directions and color each B word picture with the appropriate color.

Day 3:

Today we simply went blueberry picking. Bode got to be Little Sal.

Day 4:

Bode finished up his "B" projects. We discussed why bears hibernate (from Homeschool Share ). Bode did Blueberry Math and cut and pasted Are You My Mother matches (from Homeschool Share ). He traced his upper and lower case Bb letters (from Homeschool Creations ). He also made a Rainbow Bb by tracing with the colors of the rainbow.

Finished Product:

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