Monday, December 5, 2011

Krispy Christmas Trees

The evergreen tree is always green, always alive, the symbol of life, like our eternal life with Christ. Christmas trees point heavenward, reminding us of the love of God and Jesus, whose birth is the reason we are celebrating this season.

This idea was inspired by the Christmas Adventure study series we're doing this month, by Scripture Adventures (see here).

Oh the joys of sugar during the holidays. As if Rice Krispy Treats weren't sugary enough, we decided to upgrade their sugar content by adding frosting and M&Ms to make them into Christmas trees. Yummy! All we needed were rice krispy treats cut into triangles, green frosting, and M&Ms. Of course we could have used more to decorate with, but we were keeping it simple. Ian helped make the treats, and of course all the boys helped decorate them (including hubbie).

Bode's creations

Cole's treats

Ian's masterpieces
And daddy all sugared-up

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