Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Countdown Chain

At the beginning of the month, the boys made a Christmas Countdown Chain. These ring chains are fairly common. But thanks to an idea in our Christmas Adventure series we're using, we added scriptures to each day. The kids enjoyed putting the scriptures on the rings. Then each day they cut a ring off (each boy has his own color) and read the scripture out loud. It just adds one more spiritual aspect to the month, keeping the focus on Jesus and God's word as they eagerly anticipate Christmas.

All we needed was: construction paper (3 colors for 3 boys) cut into strips, Bible scriptures printed and cut out (or you could handwrite them on each chain), glue sticks, and staples/stapler (we used green ones - more festive). Simple yet effective. The kids enjoy the scriptures on these rings everyday.

The boys are hard at work :)

Ta-Da! Let the countdown begin!

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  1. What an awesome idea to put Scripture verses on the rings! We have an Advent chain, too, but we didn't put the verses on them. I will definitely try to remember to do that next year. I posted photos of ours in my post last Friday along with some other Advent activities we are doing like our Jesse Tree.

    Happy 2nd week of Advent!
    Many blessings,